Building and Computer Lab

In 2017, Cary Presbyterian Church funded a 2nd story addition to the community partnering church, Iglesia Presbyteriana Monte Sinai.  This addition includes an outdoor kitchen and fellowship area, two classrooms, and most importantly, the space for future computer lab. This work is over 60% complete.

In 2018, this second story will be ‘finished’ with doors, windows, flooring, and paint.

Also in 2018, final plans for the computer lab will be completed, which is critically important to the community as a whole. It will enhance education, its primary goal, but also facilitate wider learning and encourage communication with Esperanza and other outside connections.

The computer lab will be a place for students to practice skills, conduct research and complete school work necessary to graduate from 8th grade and improve their high school experience.  The lab will also support the at-large community allowing them to connect with the wider world.


We’re currently in the early stages of working with Agua Viva International to bring clean water to Nimasac.  Part of that will be to help construct a ‘water’ or ‘pump’ room for a 2019 installation.

Your gifts can help this happen.

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