In March of 2016, we took another leap of faith and provided a  community health clinic on the Friday and Saturday of our visit.  The clinic was open to anyone who wished to be seen by a nurse or doctor;. Publicity throughout Nimasac was widely spread by a roving truck announcement.  Eighty people were served and from this, a relationship with the local government clinic was established which now has expanded its role in the community.  We were able to purchase medicines which were distributed as needed, as well as supplies and small equipment to be left with the local clinic.

Future clinics are being planned.

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Government clinics in small rural villages in Guatemala are staffed by health workers, nurses, and a infrequently visiting doctor. Serious illnesses must be treated in another town. According to the testimony of the head clinic worker, the clinic had to wait two years before it received electricity.  The three room facility also has a store room, and running water (which is unusual in any building in Nimasac) but the pipe had broken and no one had been able to fix it. We do not know its current status. We desire to continue to support this fledgling facility, as well as the relationship of the clinic to the community.

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