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July 2020  NEWSLETTER:

Dear Friends of Esperanza de Guatemala, 

Esperanza is making a positive difference in Nimasac.  Despite the difficulties of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to travel to Guatemala this year, we have continued to provide valuable assistance to our brothers and sisters in Nimasac.   COVID-19 Emergency HelpIn May we created the “COVID Caring for Nimasac” campaign through GoFundMe Charity. Our modest goal of $1,200 was exceeded by nearly threefold, raising a total of $3,370! We were able to help 90 families in Nimasac.  Each family received a bag of supplies including ten pounds each of rice and beans, two bottles of cooking oil, one gallon of hand sanitizer, a smaller bottle for easier distribution, and eight washable facemasks. These were delivered at the end of May, after delays from government travel bans on weekends. The purchase and distribution of supplies was organized, coordinated, and executed by our three staff members in Guatemala: Estefani Jacobs (business manager), Martin Maldonado (IT manager) and Mario Mejia (translator).  We could not have done this without their tireless and dedicated efforts.    Martin and Mario made a very touching and heartwarming video of the supply delivery.  It is a wonderful visualization of the lives we have touched in Guatemala, and really expresses the immense gratitude from our brothers and sisters in Nimasac. Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/esperanzaCPC/videos/274466053831000 

Thank you for your generous contributions to the campaign. The people of Nimasac were so grateful, as are we.  

Water in Nimasac! Working in Guatemala presents interesting and sometimes unexpected opportunities. As we reported last time, water pipes throughout the village were being laid. This was completed late spring. We inquired about next steps, and after a delay, learned the village was ready for the purchase and installation of a meter, box and valve at each home.  The plumber hired for the installations offered two options: a total package for a set price, or the labor only with the option for the families to purchase the hardware.  Our staff and water team representatives quickly contacted us to see if we would provide funding to purchase the meter and box, and the families would assume the other costs. We were able to secure a discount to purchase 118 meters: one for the Monte Sinai church and 117 for families in Nimasac. On June 27, the meters were delivered and distributed to the families.  Please see these photos and video, knowing that your contributions from our last Giving Tuesday campaign made this possible! Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/esperanzaCPC/posts/1789939967814360 This was a dream come true for Esperanza. For several years, we have worked to get water into the people’s homes. Estefani, our Guatemala business manager writes:        

 It was a success; people are really thankful for the help you have provided them. They know this will change their life. They sent many thanks and expressed that lately it was getting really hard to wash clothes or dishes because the river was getting dirtier but now it won’t be a problem any more, they also said that may God multiply all the blessings you have given them.  

What’s Next?

“Clean” water and “pure” water are not the same.  Clean water needs to be purified before it can be used for drinking and cooking without being boiled. Esperanza will now move into Phase 2 implementation to support getting purified water into the homes of the 600 families in Nimasac.   Purification buckets have already been distributed to the 22 families associated with the church and the scholarship program. Excuse the pun, but this is merely a drop in the bucket!  Esperanza is currently working to secure the funding for the remaining purification buckets and are in the process of evaluating which purification system works best and represents the best value. Please help.  Donations can be made online at www.esperanzadeguatemala.org or mailed to Esperanza de Guatemala, c/o Cary Presbyterian Church, 614 Griffis St, Cary, NC 27511, attention: Barbara Carew. 

  • $65 covers the cost a bucket system large enough to provide a days’ worth of pure water for a family of four
  • $25 helps defray the cost of transportation, pure water education, bucket system instructions, and health training.
  • Any amount brings us closer to the goal of ensuring pure water for every family in Nimasac.  

 Esperanza de Guatemala is committed to continuing its partnership with the Nimasac community even as we face operational and strategic challenges related to COVID-19. The Board is taking time to revisit our vision for social impact as needs in the community change due to illness, unemployment, and unmet social and medical needs.  It is our intent to make informed decisions that ensure our work remains relevant to the community. We may periodically adjust our focus as we continue to learn more about the community’s needs during this pandemic. While COVID 19 has presented many challenges; it has also presented opportunities… opportunities such as clean water and relief packages and opportunities yet to be discovered.  None of this would be possible without your generosity. Thank you for what you have done and what you will do to keep this work moving forward.   Let’s continue this journey together!  The Board of Directors, Esperanza de Guatemala Email: admin@esperanzdeguatemala.org  

August 202 — Volunteer Opportunities: Esperanza is seeking a volunteer to assist with managing its social media platform, including website, face book, Instagram and other potential opportunities.  A content calendar will be created to outline your engagement and responsibilities.  All content will be provided by the Board.   This is a great way for college and high school students to obtain their required volunteer hours during COVID 19 where physical distancing is making it challenging and other volunteer opportunities are limited. You will have the opportunity to obtain experience in digital marketing, managing, creating, and populating social media.  Volunteers will work with the Board to develop social media content calendars for various platforms. Volunteers will have the ability to manage their own schedule based on time available and their interest.  All work is managed remotely from anywhere.  Potential for 10 hours per month depending on your interest. Interest should be directed to admin@esperanzdeguatemala.orgYou can help make this happen!   

“Like” us on Facebook at Esperanza Guatemala Missions and on Instagram at espdegnc


Esperanza’s mission is growing. Primarily we continue to work on getting pure water to the people of Nimasac. This is such a fundamentally important issue but it is complicated. In the midst of our research we’ve discovered a simple device, made right here in North Carolina, which can help a household purify their water. So as we work large-scale on well systems and more, we’re creating a campaign for Giving Tuesday, December 3, to put these water purification bags into the hands of as many of the scholarship students’ families as we can. Meanwhile, we continue to develop the fledgling women’s sewing project, as well as school support.

***We’re making some headway on the water project. We’ve presented the need to some local groups who are interested in funding well-drilling, followed by the installation of a water purification system. Stay-tuned!

***We are currently contacting non-profits who work to improve literacy in Guatemala. One struggle is that many groups do not work in the state of Totonicopan. We are actively continuing the search. We welcome suggestions! Please contact us with leads, with thanks.

***Happy Holidays from Esperanza! Thank you so much for helping improve the school in Nimasac.  Through Giving Tuesday, the Alternative Gift Market hosted by Cary Presbyterian Church, sales of the beautiful photos capturing life in Nimasac by photographer John Hansen, and other donations, we raised a significant portion of our goal of the Outfit a Classroom campaign. This is a season of giving, and we so appreciate your donations.

***Giving Tuesday is HERE! Tuesday, November 27!  It’s happening now. Together, let’s  ‘Outfit a Classroom.’ Keep up with us on Twitter: @esperanzadegua1.  We want to provide classroom supplies, including paper (very expensive in Guatemala), glue, markers, and especially new whiteboards for 15 classrooms. Whiteboards cost $125 while paper amounts vary from $20 to double that.  All gifts are appreciated and will make a big difference.  The teachers and students in Nimasac will so appreciate your gift. Thank you!

***Visit THIS page to see the little movie about this work. You’ll be inspired!

***Those of us who are passionate about helping in Guatemala, who live in Cary, NC, and who have wanted to find a way to reach out to the greater local and world community to share the good news, are happy to do so through this website!  We’re amateurs at this website thing so bear with us, but most of all, take to heart the good work that is already being done, and please connect with us to do more.

Come back, and thanks for visiting.

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