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Giving Tuesday is HERE! Tuesday, November 27!  It’s happening now. Together, let’s  ‘Outfit a Classroom.’ Keep up with us on Twitter: @esperanzadegua1.  We want to provide classroom supplies, including paper (very expensive in Guatemala), glue, markers, and especially new whiteboards for 15 classrooms. Whiteboards cost $125 while paper amounts vary from $20 to double that.  All gifts are appreciated and will make a big difference.  The teachers and students in Nimasac will so appreciate your gift. Thank you!



Visit THIS page to see the little movie about this work. You’ll be inspired!

Those of us who are passionate about helping in Guatemala, who live in Cary, NC, and who have wanted to find a way to reach out to the greater local and world community to share the good news, are happy to do so through this website!  We’re amateurs at this website thing so bear with us, but most of all, take to heart the good work that is already being done, and please connect with us to do more.

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